Ripple on the Way for Further Price Rise; Next Key Support to Look for $0.219

On November 25, 2019, Ripple’s price was dealing at $0.22007521. Then, the XRP price movement has changed the scenario, and it dropped to $0.20043729 by a massive fall. However, the coin managed to present a growth of 12%. Ripple got traded at almost the same price twice on November 26 as well as 27. XRP’s price continued to maintain a hold on bulls while writing this analysis.

Ripple Price Analysis:

Looking at XRP coin’s performance since the end of last month is shows a down run by 5.09% currently. As per the current trend, it may be traded nearby its next support $0.219 in a span of few hours. It is strongly advisable to take away some Ripple coins today. The weekly performance for XRP coin has been quite good, barring the drop of November 25, 2019. Bulls have maintained strong control over Ripple’s price which is very beneficial for the overall growth.

Ripple (XRP) Price Forecast

Ripple (XRP) Defies Gravity After Weeks of Bearish Run

Ripple is aiming to dismantle legacy cross-border payments infrastructure as they seem to be expensive. The organization means to utilize XRP to fuel a substitution framework, namely demand liquidity, which would send the token to make a $2 trillion pool of liquidity.

Ripple Price Analysis

XRP price evaluation exhibits the present bullish stance. 3.57% growth exhibited by the currency as on November 24, 2019. Then, Ripple’s price was dropped by 11.49% to the lowest price of $0.20105. It did pick up pace after that but also witnessed some minor falls until yesterday. The present situation shows the uptrend to remain for the XRP coin.

Today, Ripple records a growth of 6.40% since the price of November 27, 2019, which was $0.21301. It is most likely to maintain the same trend and reach its crucial resistance $0.229 by the next day begins.

We strongly suggest to hold the existing XRP coins as per the trend noticed. $0.22383 — $0.23000 could be the price range in the upcoming hours. If Ripple continues to move upwards, the resistance levels can be seen at $0.23978 and $0.24933. XRP coin can show further growth in the coming times.

Ripple Price

Will Ripple (XRP) Break the Bearish Scene and Rise Again?

Ripple was trading at $0.24905073 on November 19, 2019, with an uptrend. It reached as high as $0.25754467 a day later; however, it saw a down run by almost 4% the same day. Once again there was a downfall of 6.73%. $0.22155339 seemed the lowest cost of XRP coin which was yesterday. Although the bears are dominating it now, XRP is showing some movement of recovery.

Ripple Price Analysis:

Yesterday, Ripple’s price surged by 3.75% and reached $0.22985538 from $0.22155339. Tomorrow, it may manage to reach close to its next resistance, $0.23.

As per the current trend noticed, we strongly advise you to hold the existing coins. Since yesterday, the trend has changed, which as per our analysis, looks temporary. Trading from a long-term will yield better returns as XRP coin price may touch greater heights.

Ripple Price Chart

Will Ripple (XRP) Get Stability in The Coming Days?

Ripple had a great start, but after July it faced bearish pressure. The past 7 days also began on a good note for the coin; however, the price started sliding below the baseline by the end of the week. The price of XRP coin has been moving in the range of $0.26 – $0.24 over the past seven days.

Ripple Price Analysis

XRP price was having a good time during most part of the past seven days, but the price started going below the baseline near the end of the period. On November 14, the price of Ripple was at $0.2686. It fell to $0.2571 on November 15. It rose to $0.2640 by 2.63% rise on the next day. The price again had a fall at $0.2597 on November 17 with a downward movement of 1.54%. The XRP price continued its good run and reached $0.2644 on the same day and showed an upward rally of 1.85%. The bear pressure became prominent from here, and the Ripple price reached $0.2461 on November 19. The current day’s price has risen slightly to $0.2485.

Ripple Price

The bears are trying to offset the uptrend taken by XRP at regular intervals causing the price to move below the baseline. The next few days will indicate whether the bearish trend will continue, or the coin could go for an upward recovery. Analysts are positive that the Ripple will show its true potential soon.

Ripple (XRP) Records 3.42% Decline Since Last 30 Days

XRP coin was trading at $0.2599 on August 21, 2019, and it was dominated by the bears. The same phenomenon remained until September 17, 2019. The next day, it showed a steep growth of 27.76%. It managed to bounce back despite the fall of September 4 and touched $0.3088. The first week of November onwards, the bears have regained control on XRP coin.

Ripple Price Analysis

On November 6, Ripple price was traded at $0.3122, and now it stands at $0.2518 which means it has dropped by 19.35%. The trend suggests that it can fall even more and reach its next support $0.2469.

Experts suggest buying XRP coins as per the trend noticed. Price evaluation since August 21, 2019, highlights the several ups and downs shown by Ripple. When it rose upwards on September 18, 2019, it couldn’t survive then. Advisable to invest in long term as it may reverse the trend soon.


Ripple (XRP) Marks Volatile Movement in the Last Month

Ripple price movement has astounded the traders in the past. The coin is speculated to give flourishing results in the future. The current situation of the XRP coin is a bit disappointing as the currency has fallen due to heavy market pressure.

If we look at the last month’s chart, the price was spotted booking new highs. The movement was interrupted by the heavy fluctuation. Let’s have a look at the monthly price chart of XRP/USD:


Ripple Price Analysis

The above price chart is indicating heavy volatility in the Ripple price. The coin started dealing at $0.26152 on October 01. The price slipped to $0.25609 by 2.08%. Later, the XRP price escalated to $0.28913 by 12.7%. The coin couldn’t hold itself at the level and fell to $0.26773 by 2.33%. Further. The currency recovered and touched $0.3001 by 3.05%. Then, it faced another pullback and touched $275 by 6.88%. Later, Ripple was seen trading around $0.300. The price slipped to $0.25036 by 12.03%. Further, the XRP price jumped to $0.3110 by 24.22%. The currency fell to $0.29475 by 4.94%. Amid heavy ups and downs, Ripple marked 14.47% upsurge during the month. The ongoing month began with uptrend and touched $0.31219 by 5.92%. The currency slipped to in the later days and is currently at $0.26148 by 16.15%.

Ripple is a high potential cryptocurrency, and it is popular for giving flourishing results to the traders. The current scenario might not be impressive, but the future is anticipated to be great. For intraday traders, XRP coin is reflecting slight fall towards the immediate support level at $257. The traders are recommended to dig-in for long-term period. The same would give the desired result to the traders.

Will Ripple (XRP) succumb further to the bears?

Ripple price for past two days shows the downtrend. XRP coin was valued $0.27122 on November 14, 2019 with an uptrend. On the same day, due to several falls, the price reached $0.26461. There was a rise, although this drop and XRP price managed to reach $0.26943 before falling again with a drop of 2.44%. The lowest trading price of Ripple was yesterday which was $0.25776 which was due to a drastic fall, and since then the trend has changed. While writing this piece, XRP coin was dominated by the bears

Ripple Price Analysis

Today, the XRP coin is showing a downtrend by 2.21% as compared to the price at which it was traded yesterday. The same movement can continue with price reaching $0.264. As per the present trend, we suggest to buy new coins to gain considerable return in the near-term. The day’s range can be $0.258 and $0.265. From the past two days, Ripple price has witnessed many ups and downs, and since yesterday, the bears have dominated the coin.

XRP/USD Analysis: Bears to Maintain Dominance Over XRP

Ripple price evaluation over the past many days indicates the bearish trend. It was priced as high as $0.29099 on November 8, 2019, post which, the XRP price started to decline. It reached $0.27255 on the same day itself. For the next two days, there was a temporary rise in price, but Ripple could not maintain its pace at this level. Since November 11, 2019, the price of the coin has started to fall gradually, and the same trend remains at present.

Ripple Price Prediction

XRP coin is reflecting a downtrend by 3.87% as compared to yesterday’s trading value. The same trend may remain tomorrow, with the coin being traded around its next support of $0.26.

We strongly suggest buying new coins as per the movement noticed. $0.26301 and $0.27228 can be the trading range for today. It is advisable not to trade on short-term basis as it may not yield the desired profit.

Ripple (XRP) Forecast

Will Ripple (XRP) Recover from Its Temporary Setbacks?

  • Ripple price has been showing a lot of upside movements over the past one month

Ripple has always garnered much interest in the traders due to its great potential. The coin has pretty much managed to hold its ground even in the ongoing bearish crypto market sentiment. The last month’s price movement of XRP coin indicates a price variation mostly in the upward direction though the price fell below the baseline near the fag end of the period.

Ripple Price Prediction

XRP price has managed to maintain an upward momentum for the most part of the 30-day price trend for the coin. The price was at $0.2971 on October 15. It fell to $0.2827 by 5.19% drop on October 17. Ripple price then picked up and reached $0.2936 on October 22. With the bears exerting pressure, the price of XRP coin once again fell to $0.2716 by 8.92% drop on October 23. The price managed to bounce back and shot up to $0.3103 on November 06. However, for the past few days, the price has shown more of a bearish streak and fell to $0.2722 on November 12. Today, the price of Ripple is at $0.2735, showing an upward variation of a mild 0.51%.

Ripple Price

Ripple is trying hard to get out of the bear grip and succeeding at times, though bear pressure is still visible. The coin has great potential, and analysts are backing on these criteria to expect a bright future for the coin. Current investors should continue to hold on to their investments and wait for the crypto market to show more stability before going in for any further trading. Day traders can time tune their trading activities to the crypto market movements and make gains in the coin.