On November 25, 2019, Ripple’s price was dealing at $0.22007521. Then, the XRP price movement has changed the scenario, and it dropped to $0.20043729 by a massive fall. However, the coin managed to present a growth of 12%. Ripple got traded at almost the same price twice on November 26 as well as 27. XRP’s price continued to maintain a hold on bulls while writing this analysis.

Ripple Price Analysis:

Looking at XRP coin’s performance since the end of last month is shows a down run by 5.09% currently. As per the current trend, it may be traded nearby its next support $0.219 in a span of few hours. It is strongly advisable to take away some Ripple coins today. The weekly performance for XRP coin has been quite good, barring the drop of November 25, 2019. Bulls have maintained strong control over Ripple’s price which is very beneficial for the overall growth.

Ripple (XRP) Price Forecast

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