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Will Ripple (XRP) Recover from Its Temporary Setbacks?

  • Ripple price has been showing a lot of upside movements over the past one month

Ripple has always garnered much interest in the traders due to its great potential. The coin has pretty much managed to hold its ground even in the ongoing bearish crypto market sentiment. The last month’s price movement of XRP coin indicates a price variation mostly in the upward direction though the price fell below the baseline near the fag end of the period.

Ripple Price Prediction

XRP price has managed to maintain an upward momentum for the most part of the 30-day price trend for the coin. The price was at $0.2971 on October 15. It fell to $0.2827 by 5.19% drop on October 17. Ripple price then picked up and reached $0.2936 on October 22. With the bears exerting pressure, the price of XRP coin once again fell to $0.2716 by 8.92% drop on October 23. The price managed to bounce back and shot up to $0.3103 on November 06. However, for the past few days, the price has shown more of a bearish streak and fell to $0.2722 on November 12. Today, the price of Ripple is at $0.2735, showing an upward variation of a mild 0.51%.

Ripple Price

Ripple is trying hard to get out of the bear grip and succeeding at times, though bear pressure is still visible. The coin has great potential, and analysts are backing on these criteria to expect a bright future for the coin. Current investors should continue to hold on to their investments and wait for the crypto market to show more stability before going in for any further trading. Day traders can time tune their trading activities to the crypto market movements and make gains in the coin.

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