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Will Ripple (XRP) succumb further to the bears?


Ripple price for past two days shows the downtrend. XRP coin was valued $0.27122 on November 14, 2019 with an uptrend. On the same day, due to several falls, the price reached $0.26461. There was a rise, although this drop and XRP price managed to reach $0.26943 before falling again with a drop of 2.44%. The lowest trading price of Ripple was yesterday which was $0.25776 which was due to a drastic fall, and since then the trend has changed. While writing this piece, XRP coin was dominated by the bears

Ripple Price Analysis

Today, the XRP coin is showing a downtrend by 2.21% as compared to the price at which it was traded yesterday. The same movement can continue with price reaching $0.264. As per the present trend, we suggest to buy new coins to gain considerable return in the near-term. The day’s range can be $0.258 and $0.265. From the past two days, Ripple price has witnessed many ups and downs, and since yesterday, the bears have dominated the coin.

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